140 years of experience in using water Quality and transparency throughout the entire production process
How Franke Water Systems KWC succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • Costs for scrap and rework in the foundry have been reduced by 20%
  • Reduction of measuring time by 75%
  • Easy error detection along the production process

Franke Water Systems AG KWC uses ZEISS T-SCAN for quality assurance at every production stage

KWC uses preventive inspection of the tools as well as the cast parts to avoid scrap and rework costs.
Additionally, ZEISS T-SCAN is used for inspection after the grinding and polishing process. With just a few mouse clicks, the operator generates a report that serves as the basis for the coordination with the surface processing department. "It doesn't get any more intuitive than that" commented Agim Emini, Head Quality KWC of Franke Water Systems KWC.

This extremely intuitive reporting was particularly useful in the most important test of ZEISS T-SCAN up to now: the relocation of the existing products to the new robotic grinding system. Thanks to continuous measurement with ZEISS T-SCAN and ongoing adjustment of the grinding parameters, the grinding robots now work both precisely and very quickly.

However, if a systemic quality problem appears, e.g. if several consecutive cast part exceed the tolerances, errors can be quickly identified with ZEISS T-SCAN. Thanks to the available measured data, the Toolmaking Department can act immediately.

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