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All-Round Software for Dimensional Metrology


Your software for coordinate measuring machines: ZEISS CALYPSO measures geometrical elements simply, quickly and reliably. Just click the desired features to configure inspection plans. Combined with ZEISS measuring systems and sensors, you will have a powerful one-stop system. The software will also adjust to your demands: Due to numerous optional add-ons, ZEISS CALYPSO also offers the right tools for special requirements.


ZEISS CALYPSO enables you to combine tactile, optical and multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines as well as roughness sensors by ZEISS in a single inspection plan.


Create inspection plans with just a few simple clicks and without any programming skills. ZEISS CALYPSO is programmed directly at the workpiece or graphically at the CAD design.


Customizable according to your requirements: different users, different fields of application


Optional add-ons allow you to create and store entire CNC inspection plans on a remote workstation.


The software delivers the results

Combined with ZEISS CALYPSO, the ZEISS coordinate measuring machines tap their full potential. Optimize your quality control: The software supports you before, during and after the measurement. Measure and analyze your workpieces with all sorts of different functions and get the best out of your coordinate measuring machine.

Automatic creation of inspection plans from PMI

Automatic creation of inspection plans from PMI

ZEISS CALYPSO automatically creates inspection plans based on PMI data including all relevant features and characteristics. 

Versioning of varying inspection plans

ZEISS CALYPSO enables you to trace back all of your steps: All inspection plan variants are versioned. You do not have to work with various copies since everything is managed directly in the inspection plan.

Versioning of varying inspection plans
 Implementation and optimization of measuring strategies

Implementation and optimization of measuring strategies

With the integrated tool for developing measuring strategies, you either implement company-specific measuring strategies or you optimize your inspection plans based on recommendations made by ZEISS.

Powerful visualization of measuring results

With ZEISS PiWeb reporting, ZEISS CALYPSO offers an integrated professional tool for protocol design. Create meaningful visualizations of your measuring results based on either protocol templates or customized reports and templates.

Versioning of varying inspection plans

Adjust ZEISS CALYPSO to your needs

ZEISS CALYPSO software options

ZEISS provides numerous software options to customize ZEISS CALYPSO for special applications and measuring tasks. Do you want to measure curve-related features? Or simply create inspection plans offline? Or carry out a surface analysis of non-standardized 3D geometries? Why not use one or more options? You can purchase any option on top of ZEISS CALYPSO to adjust the software to your individual measuring requirements.

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New functions for improved performance: ZEISS CALYPSO 2023

The new release

ZEISS has been continuously developing ZEISS CALYPSO for more than 25 years while always keeping the challenges of its customers in focus. The software design, production and quality assurance are always up to date with the latest technology. For example, ZEISS CALYPSO 2023 stands out with an improved automatic defect analysis, optimized optical CMM workflows, improved usability and updated ISO/ASME-GPS evaluations.