Systematic Quality Assurance Automotive supplier Schaeffler relies on ZEISS measurement technology in production
How Schaeffler succeeds with ZEISS Solutions:
  • With ZEISS COMET in production, Schaeffler was able to reduce the measurement times for components such as the guide rail by up to 30 percent. A measurement now takes an average of seven minutes instead of ten.
  • There is no need to walk and wait for a measuring technician in the measuring room to operate the previously used tactile coordinate measuring machine.
  • Additional time savings and increased efficiency.

Production of plastic parts with highest precision

As early as 2008, ZEISS METROTOM X-ray computer tomograph was added to the existing ZEISS PRISMO coordinate measuring machine. A few years later, Christian Frühwald, Head of Quality Technology, had a measuring cell with a ZEISS COMET 3D scanner installed directly in production.

Investments that pay off: By eliminating running and waiting times, automating the measuring process and the speed advantages of ZEISS COMET, Schaeffler shortened the measuring times for the manufactured plastic parts and at the same time reduced the production of rejects.

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